Market Vendors ⋆ Wellness Farmers Market
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Market Vendors

Wellness Farmers Market Vendors
A Boring Life

Nuts are a great source of protein. All of our products are gluten free. They are a super easy and convenient way to get your daily dose of CBD without having to smoke or use oil. Throw a pack in your purse or backpack for a snack on the go!

Doggie Zoom Zoom

Dr DZZ’s CBD Cookies are made by hand from scratch with love. Every cookie contains all local organic ingredients from the NW which includes all natural peanut butter,cage-free eggs, organic honey and coconut flour making them all natural and grain free. They also contain up to 5mgs of 100% Full Spectrum CBD oil containing no THC making these cookies safe, veterinarian-recommended, and a great non-prescription product for animals.

Frogsong Farm

Frogsong’s products are pure, powerful, and marked with clear dosage information. Organic ingredients are infused with just the right amount of CBD to have a powerful impact on the way people live. From pain to inflammation to anxiety, the farm’s customers suffering from a host of ailments return again and again, proclaiming that Frogsong’s CBD has changed their lives.